Is sex and intimacy safe during pregnancy?

Lullaby Tribe is about delivering love, and my travels all over Texas as a licensed midwife give me the opportunity to meet with so many different types of people. You might think that the diversity would translate into different questions or concerns, but they don’t! Not surprisingly our concerns and questions are pretty universal, and I wanted to share on my blog information regarding some of the most FAQ’s. As both a resource and a place to share the experience of being a travelling midwife. I often get asked if sex and intimacy is safe during pregnancy and for how long.

The answer is yes, as long as your pregnancy is proceeding normally it’s safe to have sex as often as you like.  Your developing baby is well protected and sexual activity won’t affect the baby. However, hormonal changes and all that often comes along with pregnancy such as breast tenderness, nausea and fatigue may inhibit your sexual desire.  This usually resolves by the second trimester and you may start to feel more energetic thus making intercourse more enjoyable.

It’s safe to have intercourse throughout the entire pregnancy as long as the pregnancy is progressing normally.  In the third trimester, many women are carrying more weight and could be feeling more body awareness which might inhibit sexual desire.  In this trimester, intimacy may mean being held and cared for, not necessarily the physical act of sex. Third trimester intercourse might also require some creative positions in order for you to feel comfortable!